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When any organization start to visualize their business, their first priority is to hire competent work force that means right person on the right job, after that this man power decide about other tangible and intangible resources, where to get? how to get? how to manage them efficiently? what modification required?. Essentially , other resources depends on human resource without which these other resources are worthless as who will plan, organize, or monitor them. The manager is recognized as a holder of organization by his knowledge and art. The functioning of these arts and knowledge needs supporter which is called staff and are human resource of the an organization and management of these resources is called Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management is the core function of all organizations. It ensures that companies have the necessary talent required to operate effectively. It manages the recruitment and selection of new employees as well as the training and development of new and current employees. Additionally, it establishes and administers compensation plans and employee benefit programs.

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