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Chloris Consulting services acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of Human Resource services to companies. 21 own offices at strategic locations in India makes us one of the leading HR outsourcing company in India. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top of the line global HR outsourcing services. Our services are available over a wide geographical area that spans across Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and European markets, making us one of the leading HR firms.

Our range of client services includes shifting the entire transactional processes, such as Recruitment ,payroll, contract staffing, compliance administration, corporate training, etc to our end. This helps your HR personnel to concentrate on strategically important tasks such as succession planning and employees career development. The importance of HR Outsourcing has been recognized by enterprises around the world.

Chloris is a privately held global HR Process outsourcing firm having globally interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry's specific demands. Our entrepreneurial creativity of locally owned and globally driven partnerships makes us one of the world's best HR Process Outsourcing firm to serve clients all across the globe.

Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses, we have gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward HR solution provider. Combined with our methodology and work ethics, which has helped us in getting the jobs done quickly and efficiently, our reputation has established us at the forefront in the field of Human Resource outsourcing.


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